Adam Pollack

Art director / Graphic designer based in Portland.

Designing at Revery
Teaching at PNCA.

Working with friends & clients to improve the social good through purposeful design. Passionate about social justice, environmental policy, healthcare reform, urban design, and architecture.

    Brand identity & strategy  
    Art direction
    Print collateral
    Packaging design
    Books & publications
    Web design & development
    Photo retouching

Book of Stamps

An archive of my grandfather’s stamp collection, featuring stamp designs from the 1950s–80s. This first edition of 25 was designed, printed, sewn and binded by myself, as part of a final thesis for my worktrade fellowship with the IPRC.

144 pages
Letterpressed vellum enclosure
5.5 x 8 in (13.97 x 20.32 cm)
Signature-sewn binding
Edition: 25

$40 donation* ︎ Email to order
Free shipping in US
(2 left)

*Donations after printing costs ($30) will go to the ACLU in their fight against voter suppression.